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Use Case: Create a Message Flow


When the mouse pointer hovers above an element or operation an envelope icon shows up on its edge (left edge of activity, right edge of operation) to advertising that message flow can be created. The envelope is centered vertically and overlaps a bit (5 pixels for task, 3 pixel for event):

Figure: Envelope icon on task and event

When the mouse pointer reaches the envelope it changes its visual appearance to golden. As the user initiates DnD, the mouse pointer changes to unavailable and envelope turns to red. When the mouse pointer reaches a valid drop point, the line snaps to the target and is drawn between proper connection points; the envelope turns back to golden.

The scenario is shown on the following images; click the image to go to next step.

Step 1 - Initial State

Step 2 - Mouse over

Step 3 - User initiates Drag'n'Drop

Step 4 - DnD in progress

Step 4 - DnD in progress (variant with unavailable mouse pointer)

Step 4 - DnD in progress (variant with unavailable mouse pointer and red message flow line)

Step 5 - Mouse pointer reached target, message flow line drawn properly (snaps)

Interaction Details

  • Mouse over active area includes the activity and the envelope icon: If the user goes directly above the expected location of the envelope (misses operation or activity), the envelope shows up anyway, if the mouse pointer leaves the activity and goes to the envelope location, the envelope does not disappear.
  • When the element is selected the icon remains on the diagram, even if the mouse pointer leaves the mouse over active area.

The Drag'n'Drop source area is actually a bit larger (17 x 14 px) than the envelope itself (a usability enhancement):

Figure - Drag'nDrop source areas (highlighted in red)


Icon / Visual Attribute

Envelope - gray
on activity or operation mouse over
Envelope - golder
on envelope mouse over or proper drop target
Envelope - red
during DnD
Envelope offsets
5 pixels overlap into a task (from left or right), 3 pixels overlap into an event (from left or right)

Use Case: Discover Message Exchange Peers

Scenario #1

  • User selects a web service activity
  • Message flow lines going from or into the selected activity are highlighted (2 px line).
  • Message flow lines going from or into message exchange peer of the selected activity are also highlighted.

Scenario #2

  • User brings up contextual menu of a web service activity and invokes "Select Message Exchange Peer"
  • Message Exchange peers is selected and the viewport is scrolled to ensure its visibility

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